Friday, November 6, 2009

Marking Is Over

I had spent the whole week marking and today I had finished marking the answer scripts for all three classes that I had taught for this semester. You have no idea how taxing it is to mark each and every answer script (only teachers and lecturers do!) and I'm just glad that it's finally over. For the time being, I'll gladly make use of the weekends tomorrow. I will key-in the marks by next Monday.

To D3D1 and D3D2, I just want to say that I am so proud of all of you for being able to write the term paper and cite the two references beautifully just as I had taught you. Only several of you have problems regarding the use of the first and the last name of the author. You should mention the last name of the author when you use in-text citation and place the last name followed by the initial of the first name when you write the end-of-text citation.


in-text citation: Smith (2007) had stated that....

end-of-text citation: Smith, J. (2007)

The reading comprehension questions for BEL311 was very easy and all of you did well on the term paper. Now, aren't you glad that I gave you so many exercises and assignments to do?

Monday, November 2, 2009


This morning, I found a lot of test papers scattered nearby my office. They are not mine, but they belong to one of my office neighbours. One of them caught my attention:

Here's a close up:

This girl is obviously in trouble. Ish ish ish.


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