Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She's Gone

The life support machine beeped furiously.

The family members stood around the hospital bed, watching the unconscious 53-year-old mother. Even though her eyes were closed, it was transparent that she fought to stay alive. This was evident because she slowly moved her lips in a silent scream and weakly gripped her husband's hand who was in tears, struggling to whisper holy words in her ear.

The whole family were unable to hold back tears as they read the Yasin. Occasionally, they glanced helplessly at the life support machine which continued to beep noisily in the deathly silent ward. The noise grew slower and the eldest son began to fear that it is going to stop soon. But he tried to be positive; so he imagined that everything will be all right.

Eventually, just as he had feared, the life support machine grew silent. Silent tears poured down the faces of the family members. She's gone.

So much for positive thinking.

I had watched this scene before in a TV drama. I never thought that I will actually go through the same situation. And I never imagined that it would be so heartbreaking.

Tonight is the last night for tahlil. I couldn't help feeling empty :(

Beloved Mother
Habibah bte Mohd Ali
5/11/1956 - 27/6/2010

I will miss you, Mother. Rest in peace.



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