Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This afternoon, our department held a small gathering in our beloved meeting room to celebrate three of our colleagues who got married recently. They are:

Ustazah Munirah Azrae (5 December 2009)

Puan Ida (12 December 2009)

Mr. Lim Yoon Chong (13 December 2009)

I didn't know that Mr. Lim was single all this while. I thought he's already married. He said that most people have the same thoughts like me. Anyway, I think that it was cute that he used the word 'nikah' to tell me about his wedding :D

We had nasi kerabu (yummy!), lemonade and cream puff during the occasion. There goes my diet!

This small gathering is also to show our appreciation to Cik Rafiaah Abu who had served two years (2007-2009) as the Language Coordinator. The new Language Coordinator is Puan Haniza Hassan. Congratulations!

P/S: The meeting room had a new doorknob and I'm in charge to duplicate the keys for language lecturers who might need them.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exam Results

Tomorrow is a much anticipated day because UiTM exam results will be out. And I know every student will have the same thoughts on their mind: "Will I pass?" or "Will I fail? or "Will I get Dean's List?" and the list goes on...

For those of you who got good results, congratulations! And for those who don't, you can always work harder next semester.

Or you can blame yourself for being addicted to Facebook when you should be studying.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cikgu Cool

I took this quiz in Facebook: CIKGU JENIS APAKAH ANDA?? (FOR TEACHERS ONLY)

Izuan took the CIKGU JENIS APAKAH ANDA?? (FOR TEACHERS ONLY) quiz and the result is CIKGU COOL

"Anda boleh relax dan cool walaupun pelajar menari shuffle dibelakang kelas semasa anda mengajar. Anda suka bergaul dengan pelajar tetapi anda kurang bergaul dengan guru2. Anda marah sekali sekala sahaja...selebihnya..lantaklah apa nak jadi pada pelajar itu! Mungkin juga kerana anda sudah fed-up dengan sikap pelajar menyebabkan anda malas nak endahkan mereka. Dari segi kerja, anda suka bertangguh dan buat last minit. Tapi awas, bersikap terlalu cool akan membawa masalah kepada anda. Pelajar2 sukakan anda... tapi jangan sampai mereka pijak kepala anda ok?" <----this is why I look so strict all the time (class management strategy!)

Well, only the sentences highlighted in red are definitely true for me, but only my students can give the verdict whether I am a cool teacher or not. So what say you, students?


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