Monday, August 3, 2009

BEL311 - Helpful Links and Samples

To my BMD3D1 and BMD3D2 students (and to all of UiTM's diploma level students registering for BEL311). You are required to write a term paper. It has to be be written according to the right format since it carries 30% of your on-going assessment.

Here are a few useful links that will help you to learn more about the documentation needed to write your term paper.

1) What is APA and MLA and how it is used. Click HERE and HERE.

2) Using APA Citation. Click HERE.

3) Basic Format for Books. Click HERE.

4) More about the writing process (e.g. paraphrasing). Click HERE.

5) This site guides you how to cite step-by-step. Click HERE.

To get an idea about what a term paper (and its outline) should look like, click on the following:

Sample of a term paper's outline. Click HERE.

Appendix A. Click HERE.

I hope these links will help you to write your term papers. Good luck!

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