Sunday, February 14, 2010

My D3D1 Students

These are my BEL311 students for this semester.. the girls from BMD3D1 (Diploma in Banking). They are very special because 1) I also taught them BEL260 last semester and 2) they are very obedient.

click to enlarge the image

I never get to teach the same group twice, but miraculously this is the first time. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. But the good thing is: I already know their names by heart. You might notice that there is not a single guy in this class. Initially, two guys wanted to enter this group but they had backed off when they saw that there are so many girls ;)

Students from UiTM Segamat will immediately know where were these two pictures taken ;)

To my D3D1 girls, choose only one picture from the two provided here (since I can't decide which is the best one), download it to your PC and then upload it to your blog entry. Write an entry about your classmates according to the given numbers (about 4 or 5 sentences for each person). And don't worry, I promise I will give the original pictures (all of them!) after the break.

Due date: 21 February 2010.

P/S: Happy holidays, everybody ;)



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