Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Semester

Another new semester begins in Campus Serenity. And every new semester brings changes to the campus. I am no exception.

This semester, I am in charge of five groups: JAC2206B (BEL499), JAC1104D (BEL312), JBM1121A (BEL120), JBM1122A (BEL260) and JBM1122B (BEL260).

Some of the students from JBM1122A and JBM1122B were my ex-students (I taught BEL120 to them last semester) and this is my second time teaching the same group.

In addition, this is my second time teaching BEL499, so this semester I have more ideas on how to tackle this code. This is also the first time that I did not teach BEL311, but I was assigned to teach BEL312 instead. After looking at the course information, I realized that this is actually an easy course to teach, since both BEL312 and BEL499 do not have any final exam, only on-going assessments.

Yes, you (especially UiTM Segamat students) might notice the implementation of new groups that starts this semester. For example, no more ACD1A1, but it's now JAC1101A. At first it was confusing but I quickly adapted to these codes and their meaning. For example, the J in front refers to the campus (Johor), AC110 refers to the program (Diploma in Accountancy), and 1A refers to the class name.

And starting this semester, I am appointed as the Resource Person (Ketua Kursus) for BEL260. I think it is high time for me to carry the responsibilities along with my colleagues who were also resource persons for the many BEL/BAB/BMD codes in our department.

Well, here's hoping that the new semester/year will bring many surprises and good luck for me. Happy new year everybody! ^_^



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