Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Entry

Hey there. This is my new blog and let me tell you in advance that it's going to be very boring. It is created solely for the purpose of communicating with my BEL311 students. At least they have this blog to link to their lecturer and it will be easier for me to check whether they had updated their blog assignments from their blog links.

The entries of this blog will not be as interesting as the previous one as I only wrote about general things. This is because I am reluctant to have my personal thoughts to be read by my students and fellow colleagues of UiTM Johor. Therefore, if you think what you read here is boring, just leave instead of leaving insolent remarks.

My first blog "In The Campus of Serenity" is now private because I changed my mind about sharing my personal thoughts, so please don't bother asking me for permission to read it.



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