Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Card

This morning, I received a very huuuuuuugeee birthday card from D2D1 right after class had ended. They offered to sing me Happy Birthday, to which I politely declined. (Getting older is not something to be celebrated when you are my age!)

Here's what the card looked like:

please click to enlarge

This is the second custom-made card that I ever received from my students. The first one was from D2B5 (now they are in Part 5 and the card is safely stored in my office) and like D2D1's, it is also huge.

This card might be made from low cost materials, but to me it's the thought and effort of putting it together with love for the receiver that makes it truly priceless.. something that even money won't be able to buy.

Thank you D2D1. I will always treasure it.



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