Monday, January 18, 2010

Lightning Speed Connection

I learned something new today.

Last December, I had upgraded my Streamyx (512 kbps) to the new Streamyx Combo (1 mbps) package (with a free Aztech cordless phone). And after the upgrade, my Internet speed were no different and I began to get upset. The connection speed test says that the best download effort to my PC via the new connection is 0.92 mbps, which is very fast. (You can check yours here).

The thing is: each time I used the Internet, pictures and web pages took a very long time to load. Farmville took about half an hour to load fully. (Yes I do play Farmville). I was ready to scream my head off because it took so long. At first, I thought it has something to do with the hard disk (it's almost full!) but it's really not.

It so happened that I noticed my old friend who's currently online on YM. So I asked him about my PC problem and he simply asked to see my print screen. After sending the print screen of my desktop to him, he said that all I had to do was to remove some of the icons in the task bar tray. Simply remove the ones that I don't use; his exact advice is to remove my Winamp agent, Ares and uTorrent. After I followed his instructions, I clicked on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome once again. The changes were truly shocking and really obvious. In an instant, my Internet connection is super duper fast!!

My friend said that when you are online, you really have to choose. If you want to download a movie, then do it while the computer is idle and you are not doing anything. If you want to surf the Internet, just remove the icons in the task bar tray that you did not use (in my case: Ares) uTorrent & Winamp agent). This just proves that we'll be learning from anyone about anything at anytime.

And oh, use Google Chrome because it's lighte.



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