Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Semester

Happy New Year!

Well, another new semester has finally arrived. This semester, I am in charge of three classes. I will be teaching BEL311 to BMD3D1 and also BEL260 to both CSD2S1 and CSD2S2.

BMD3D1 is no stranger to me as I had taught this group the code BEL260 last semester. All of them are girls, and they are very, very obedient so I don't have to worry about their discipline as they already knew what I'm like in class and they are aware of my expectations to them. In addition, I already knew their strengths and weaknesses and I know their names too. There are only 24 of them and I can easily identify names to faces.

To be honest, I am really surprised that I got my ex-students back, so this is my first time. The only thing I'm not sure is whether they are thrilled to have me back as their lecturer or not.

As for CSD2S1 and CSD2S2, both classes have an equal mixture of boys and girls. I haven't had Computer Science students for a long, long time; so I am looking forward to teach these two groups. Let's hope that they will be able to absorb what I am going to teach them in order to get good grades.

It's going to be a short semester, so I hope I will be able to plan my lessons accordingly.



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