Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm The Chosen One

I am in CLL 1 right now, executing the BEL260 listening test to D2D1. As I read the question paper, I experienced a sense of deja vu. I seem to have read these questions before.. but when?

And then it slowly dawned upon me that I was the one who did them! I had created the audio scripts and the questions about a year ago and submitted them to the resource person. Because I was busy with my work afterwards, I had totally forgotten about them.

Therefore, I think you would understand why I grinned like an idiot all by myself in CLL 1, hearing all those familiar audio scripts that I had created while my D2D1 students were busy listening to them.

The questions and the audio scripts for the test were slightly modified from the original, but there was no mistaking it. It is my masterpiece! That means all Part 2 diploma students of UiTM from all over Malaysia (including Hanis Zalikha and Azfar) will listen to the same audio.

Even though it may mean nothing much to you, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. This is the very first time that my work is chosen for a huge standardized test. I chose subject matter that interests me, of course. Anyone who knew me really well will say, "Dah takde bende lain nak buat bahan ke weh?"

For those who are sitting for BEL260 this semester, I hope you will be able to score in the listening exam. As for my D2D1 students, they found Part C quite difficult.

Oh well, I hope I will be able to create better materials next time.

P/S: Aren't you going to congratulate me?


Ryehanna said...


nice kitties u got too.. ;D

Muhammad Azfar said...

which part of the question was your script? The moon one?
I doubt that Part C is hard.
Part B is. Because I couldn't answer the evaluate diamond thingy.

Fiqa said...

tak suka listening.. mengantuk..


tapi, tak dpt dgr.

Izuan said...

Somebody stole ALL OF THEM yesterday! Maklumlah kiut sangat!

ALL OF THEM! Heh heh..

Ada orang curi anak kucing tu semalam.. maklumlah anak kucing tu comel, jinak dan tak takut orang.. sedihlah..

Fiqa said...

hah??? kena curi??
satu pun sir tak dpt?


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